Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good News Today from the Doc

I went to the Doctor today to get the results of the CT scan that I had on Monday and he said that it looks like the tumors are shrinking and dieing and he said this is exactly what they wanted. So, at this point, I have scheduled the mapping process for the other half of the Liver for next Thursday and then they will plan on the treatment within two weeks of that day.

So all looks good and we move forward. At this point I think we are not in the clear but getting closer every day. Once the second treatment is done I should be pretty clear but still may need one more treatment but other than that, I think I will be taken care of for a long time.

Thanks to all of you for all of the prayers that have been said in my behalf. I know it has helped a ton.


JayDee said...

That is great dad! I love you!

Shauna said...

Great news! We're so happy to hear it!

Jules said...

Wonderful! You'll be in our prayers for the next and hopefully final procedure.

Jen said...

Yeah!! That's awesome! We're always thinking of you guys!

Kris said...

Just wanted to say that my 39 year old husband is fighting the same disease you are. I check your blog often and am so glad to hear that things are going well. It gives me hope for Chris. If you, or your wife, would ever like to "talk", feel free to email me - koconnor1009 at hotmail dot com
Good luck to you!