Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All is well

Great news!!! We went to the doctors yesterday and he said that the blood work was actually better than he had ever seen it. When the nurse told Evan that his numbers were elevated, she didn't know that it had been higher in the past. Normal is about 50 and Evan is at 53 but prior to this test it had been in the 80's.

The Doctor said that the problems Evan has been experiencing were a result of his pancreas not creating enough digestive enzymes. Evan is now well on his way to feeling fantastic.

I love modern technology... Evan had his CT scan of his liver yesterday as well and we were able to immediately see the results. His liver has never looked better!!! The tumors are continuing to die even the small ones that were not specifically targeted by the radiation treatments.

We couldn't possibly have received better news!! Evan is going to be around for many years to come. This is a direct result of your prayers and the Lords will. Thank you for the many sustaining prayers you have offered on our behalf, there are no words that could fully describe our gratitude.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

News from the Doc

So, I went in and they ran a blood test on me and found that my numbers are slightly elevated but they aren't to bad. They are not sure what is causing this so they want to do a CT scan on June 23rd to see if there are any new tumors in my liver that have started growing.
We are confident that all will be taken care of. The Doctors are doing what they can and the Lord is doing the rest. Rest easy knowing that I am in the lords hands.

Here is a video that you might like. it shows just what the lord can do with his hands.

cut and paste that into a web browser and then it will play from YouTube.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Medical News

So, I have been doing fine lately but a few weeks ago I started having some symptoms that had me concerned and after talking with a couple of doctors they both had the same thing to say. "it looks like your liver is having issues" so with that I called my doctor and talked to my specialist and she said that she wants me to come in and have blood drawn and see what it shows. she then said to watch and see if I start turning yellow and if so to let her know.

Well, that night my wife turned to me and said that I looked yellow. So, I am going in today (Wednesday) and having blood drawn and also they might do a CT scan and we will see what is going on. Not sure at this point but I guess we will find out.

I will update when I get news back.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell my sweet cousin

My heart is breaking as I have recently been told of the passing of my sweet cousin in-law, Jolene Davidson.
Jolene married Ronnie when I was a young teenager and I have always looked up to the sweet person that she is. I was never close to Ron and Jolene due to our age difference but that didn't diminish my admiration of them. Cancer took her home to her Heavenly Father last Wednesday and she will be greatly missed by all that knew and loved her.

Jolene Heywood Davidson
Jolene Heywood Davidson 1960 ~ 2009 Jolene Heywood Davidson, 49, passed away peacefully in her home on June 10, 2009 after a battle with cancer.Jolene was born March 25, 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona to Evans and Sylvia Heywood. She was a school teacher. She taught at Jackling Elementary, John C. Fremont Elementary and Fox Hills Elementary. Later she became a Library/Media Specialist at Evergreen Jr. High and Skyline High School. She had many callings in her LDS Ward. She was the Young Women president, ward missionary and Relief Society teacher. Her favorite calling was as a visiting teacher to other sisters in the ward. Jolene was very athletic, she ran in two half-marathons and a mini triathlon in her last year. In high school she played volleyball and softball. Jolene is survived by her husband, Ron and two daughters, Savanna and Marie. She was preceded in death by her older brother Clarence and her grandparents. Services will be held Monday, June 15 at 11 a.m. at the LDS church on 2450 West 10400 South in South Jordan, Utah. A viewing will be held Sunday night from 5-7 p.m. and one hour prior to the funeral at the same church. Jolene wanted to thank everyone for their support and generosity: family, neighbors, friends at Skyline, fellow librarians. More information may be found on her blog:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Camping in May

So we decided to get out in May and do some camping because we just needed to get away. here are a few pictures from that fun trip. We took Cody and his friend Lawson so he would have someone to hang out with. Fun Fun Fun...