Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas

And all through the house, every creature was stirring and our house smells like cookies. Well Done cookies at that.

We are all ready for Christmas, now if we could just fall asleep and stay asleep all night. If this Christmas is like any of the past ones, Julie will be up all night and around 3:00am she will nudge me and ask if it is time to get up yet. Oh the joys of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What A Day At The Hospital Today

Well, today was the big day for my mapping. We had to be there at 6:30am which was fine, then they took me in and started to hook me up to all the hardware and all of a sudden I started having panic attacks as I flashed back to the time I was there before.

I started feeling okay up till they told me that they would have to shave me again to prep the area. That is were I lost it. You just lose all manhood when they do that to you so I was not feeling good at that point.

The good news was that they only shaved my legs in that area just enough to make a 1/2 inch incision. I was now feeling pretty good. they then rolled me down to the operating room and gave me the drugs to get me loopy before they started. It worked.

When I was done, I woke up and they said I had been there for a while but was still recovering so I went back to sleep. Later they gave me lunch and then told me I could go after they took out my IV. That is when it went bad. I ate my lunch, got my IV out and stood up to go and got sick and had to vomet my lunch right out.

I then felt okay so we started to leave and I got on the elevator and went down to the first floor and I started to black out so when I got out of the elevator I dropped right to the floor and was close to out.
Note to anyone reading: When you pass out in a hospital, you get a LOT of people that come running. I looked up and found about 10 people that were standing above me calling for help and asking me how I was feeling and checking my blood pressure. They finally got a gurney and put me on it and took me to the ER. I told them I didnt want to be checked in there so they just let me sit on the chairs outside of the ER and watched me for a while. after about 5 minutes, I started feeling fine so we stood up and left.

I tell you, it was really strange having so many people fuss over me. I have always been on the side lines watching other people have that type of stuff happen to them. I really felt like an idiot but oh well. I guess it was the safe thing to do.

So now I am home and letting my leg heal up so that I dont start bleeding. I was told not to drive today but other than that, I am fine.

We really never found out what made me pass out but I think it was just that I was still groggy from the meds and should have waited a little longer before trying to get up and leave.

Now we have to wait for a couple of weeks and then they will call back and set up the day for the Radiation treatment. Then back in for a repeat.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just for Fun

So today I am posting a picture of my fourth grade class here. Yes, that is me in the back second from the right in the yellowish shirt.

Okay, now that you have had a good laugh, let me point out the really funny thing.

If you look at the top left hand corner, you will see my sweet wife Julie. Yup, that is her, right there in my fourth grade class with me.

We have known each other a LOT longer than the 20 years we have been married. It makes it interesting when we look at this picture because we both know all the kids and can point them out easily.

Here's to Good Ole Times !!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Latest Dates for my Cancer Treatment

So here it is, the middle of December and I am gearing up for Christmas and Radiation. I don't know which one I am least looking forward too. At least the Radiation treatment wont come with lots of boxes and wrapping paper that I have to find a place for right?

any way, so here is the deal. I am scheduled for a CT scan on the 19th of Dec. They want to do that to make sure that everything inside looks normal and ready for the mapping.

Then on Dec 23rd I will be going in for "mapping" which is where they will do an incision into my groin and into the Arterial artery and they will shoot die into my blood and watch it via live X-ray and see where it goes. if that goes well then they will proceed with the scheduled Radiation treatment on the right lobe of my Liver.

That will take place about two weeks after the mapping but the exact date will not be determined until I do the mapping. I will keep you all updated on when that will be.

As for Christmas, I am not really the type that gets excited for this holliday, (unlike my wife) and this year is no different. I cant believe that we are only a few weeks away. I think I am more excited for January 1st so I can get this year over with. It has not been the best of years and the only good thing that came of it was that our Daughter was married and is happy.

well, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cody having the Time of His Life

Here is Cody in our backyard the day that they poured Cement at our home, he was having the time of his life.