Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A VERY Long Day

We arrived to the hospital on schedule at 10:30 for Evan to have his Echo Cardiogram and while we were there the Doctor wanted them to do an ultra sound of the arteries in Evan's neck. The ultra sound came out fine but the Echo Cardiogram showed that Evan has what is called PFO.

The following is taken from a web page to explain what PFO is....

In the womb, all babies have a PFO. This is because a baby does not use its own lungs to filter and oxygenate its blood. Instead, it receives oxygen-rich blood from its mother via the umbilical cord. This blood has been filtered and oxygenated by the mother’s lungs. The PFO allows this blood to be sent directly to the brain, which has a high requirement for oxygen-rich blood during development.
In most people, the two flap-like sections of septum which form the foramen ovale fuse together after birth to form a solid dividing wall between the right and left atria. However, in approximately 15-20%, the foramen doesn’t fuse together and remains open or “patent”. This opening makes it possible in certain circumstances for blood to cross from the right atrium to the left atrium—this is called a right-to-left shunt.

This is the reason why Evan had a stroke last week. If a blood clot gets into his system, the normal heart will send it to the lungs, but with the defect, it will pass it through the PFO and straight to the brain. Apparently people with cancer have a higher risk of getting blood clots.

Evan has an appointment to go see the Cardiologist on Monday where they will set up an appointment to do the repair. The repair isn't really going to feel much different than the radiation treatments that he is currently going through because they will go in through the same artery in his leg. After receiving this news we were off to the 2nd floor to do the radiation treatment. We were scheduled to do the radiation at noon but there was an emergency and it delayed his treatment. So we waited, and we waited then we waited some more. Finally at 4:00 they came and took him away. If you know Evan very well, then you will know how much he hates to wait. The procedure didn't take very long and he was returned to me at 5:30 and we are now waiting until 7:00 when we will be allowed to go home.

We will let you know when the procedure for his heart is scheduled. Now we need to be patient while we wait another month to find out how successful today's treatment was.

My sweet visiting teachers offered to bring us dinner and at first I was thinking that it wasn't going to be that big a deal and we would be home in time for me to throw something together. How grateful I am that they were more in tune to my needs than I was and they will meet us at home with a warm yummy meal. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful neighbors, friends and family.

Thanks once again for all of your love and support.


Shauna said...

Holy cow! That WAS a VERY long day. I'm glad that you took your VTers up on dinner. We'll pray that radiation today was effective and that his heart procedure goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie, I thought about you today and was sending prayers your way at 10:30 so I guess you got them a few hours early, but none the less I love you!!You are an amazing brother.
Love ya much.....Lori

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother, I didn't forget about you today, my prayers and thoughts were with you. You are an amazing brother and I love you so much!
Love, Lori

Kris said...

Evan - SO glad to hear that the Dr's found the reason for your mini-stroke and that they feel they can correct it! We'll be praying for a successful outcome to both yesterday's treatment and the upcoming heart procedure! You all remain in our thoughts.

Chris & Kristin

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan. Wow, when it rains, it pours, huh? I am so shocked about your heart problem. It is really interesting to me because of what Shakira had. Not exactly the same, but it was from birth like you. I never knew that our family had heart problems until now. Dad, enlarged heart; you, birth defect; Shakira, birth defect; Malek, heart murmur; and well mine is only a broken heart. I hope that you are feeling well soon. I marvel at your strength of character. Truly, I look up to you in so many ways. I love you! Mel

Jules said...

Boy oh Boy nothing is easy. I'm glad they caught they Heart issue. We pray your treatments go well. We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bro, I know I've talked to you since Monday, but just now read all the info. It is so great that you can keep us all so well informed via this blog site. I am very thankful to have such a great sister-in-law to love and take good care of my baby bro. Thanks, Julie! My prayers are with you all each night. I love you SO much! Talk to you soon. Love, Deb