Thursday, June 18, 2009

News from the Doc

So, I went in and they ran a blood test on me and found that my numbers are slightly elevated but they aren't to bad. They are not sure what is causing this so they want to do a CT scan on June 23rd to see if there are any new tumors in my liver that have started growing.
We are confident that all will be taken care of. The Doctors are doing what they can and the Lord is doing the rest. Rest easy knowing that I am in the lords hands.

Here is a video that you might like. it shows just what the lord can do with his hands.

cut and paste that into a web browser and then it will play from YouTube.

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Melody and Malek said...

I am reduced to tears. I love you so much, Evan. You are such a wonderful brother. That video made me think of the faith that you have and the power that the Lord has. I will pray that He continues to bless you with His hands. Thank you for touching my life with your great example.
Love, Mel