Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today Another Shot (Sandastaton)

Today I get to go in and have my monthly Sandastaton shot. This is the shot that helps stop the growth of the Tumors in my body.

It must be working because the tumors have NOT grown and the doctor said that is great news.

The harder news to take is the cost of the shots. They are billing my insurance $17,720 per shot. I get one shot a month. You can add it up and see that it is quickly costing the insurance a lot of money per year.

I just hope to never get that letter from them saying that I have reached the limit of my insurance and they are not going to cover me any more.

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Debbie said...

Hi, Ev ... so glad you called me today. I love you so much and treasure our conversations and the time we have together. I am really looking forward to our camping trip the first weekend in June. Hope you are feeling well and ready to get your butt kicked in cards! LOL Love, Deb