Sunday, November 14, 2010

The battle continues

I have received word that an update to our blog has been requested by many of you. I'm sorry that I am not good at this, it is just very hard to put down in words the struggles we are having.

Evan continues to be weak and tired. He is not able to do very much without it taking too much out of him. His liver continues to not function normally and his bilirubin count is still too high at 6.0. The liver function counts continue to come down so there is every chance that Evan's liver will rebound.

We spoke with his doctors and they are reaching the end of their options to treat him. Right now they have 2 options.. one would be to treat him with chemo but Evan has decided that he doesn't want to do that. Chemo will not kill the cancer but it might prolong his life by a couple of months and that means that he will be miserable for a longer period of time.

The second option would be to take some newer pills that will target the proteins that are feeding the tumors. These pills are not approved by the FDA to treat Evan's type of cancer but they have been proven affective in fighting the proteins that feed cancer. The doctor is going to work with the insurance to see if they will cover it. This pill should have minimal side affects and should be easily tolerated.

When we were at the doctors, we asked him to be frank with us and tell us what the worst case scenario would be and he said that if his liver doesn't come out of this and goes into liver failure, then Evan would only have around 2 months. If his liver does come out of this, then he could have up to a year. Again we have every reason to believe that he will rebound, so for now we are just trying to get through each day one breath at a time and cherish every moment we have with each other.

Thank you for your love and support as well as your continued prayers.


Kristin said...

You guys are in my thoughts always. Wishing Evan all the strength he needs to beat this.

Melody said...

My prayers and tears are with you. I love you dearly.

Anonymous said...

SAY! Sis/Lori

Patomo Perhe said...

You are such a strong family and an example to me and Antti. We wish you good news for the future and Evan is in our prayers.

Julie said...

You are in my prayers.