Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two More Weeks

Well I am about two more weeks away from going back in for my CT scan to see if my Cancer is growing. I am hoping for the best but in the back of my mind I am planning for the worst.

The past few weeks I have been reading up on my type of Cancer and from what I have read, the outcome does look good. I read that Pancreatic Cancer is a terrible thing to get with a death rate pretty high. but the Cancer that I have is a Carcinoid that is close to the Pancreas and not the same. They say that Carcinoid Cancer has a much better chance of survival and that is all I can hope for.

I will keep you all posted on the results when I get them. as for now, my body feels back to normal and I am holding my weight and doing fine.


dennis said...

I also have Carcinoid cancer and it is much different from pancreatic cancer. it is treatable and often may not even have significant signs or symptoms. Best of luck to you and your family.

Shannon said...

I think your attitude-it is amazing! You have gone through such yucky (to say the least)sugery and news, yet you still keep your spirits high and looking for something more. I love to see that! Thanks for your example!

Rana said...

Yes, Thanks for you and your family! :0)

Frank & Lucy Spence said...

Thanks for the message posted on our blog (The RV Adventure). Stress and camping do not go is the most relaxed life style going...all the best with your fight with cancer, a few years ago I was VP of our local cancer I have some appreciation for what you have been through. All the best... Frank is my email address if you wish to connect with me.