Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Picture that I Promised

Okay, finally here is the picture that I promised I would take of our new house. It is about dusk so the lighting wasn't that great but it is okay. You can see the new Cement that we had poured on the right side. That is for our Camper. I sure hope it fits.
We measured two or three times and every time it looked good but I am still nervous. We will see the end of the month when we bring it back home.

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Frank and Lucy Spence said...

Looks impressive and I am sure that your camper will fit on the concrete...remember some can hang over the end...if the pad is too short...but not likely if you measured three time.

Frank & Lucy in Canada

Shauna said...

It's pretty!

Rana said...

Crazy to think you actually live there now! It looks beautiful and I'm so glad you still have your awesome camper :0)

Jules said...

We miss you guys. It was great to see you at church for the program. It will be fun to see how you've decorated. Glad your camper still fits.