Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Entertainment

This weekend we were invited to go to the movies with some of my family and the movie we saw was called "Fire Proof" it was a very touching movie and had a lot of spiritual lessons in it.

We also decided that we needed shelves in the garage and built some and then cleaned up the mess that we had from the move. wow, it is sure good to get that whipped into shape.

Today is now Sunday and we went to my nephews home coming. He went on a mission to North Carolina and it was great to listen to his talk and hear all about his mission.

We have not really had that much else going on around our home and I am still waiting to hear more from my Doctor so at this point that is all I have to report.


Shauna said...

We miss you! It's not the same with new backdoor neighbors. I hope everything goes well for you in your new place. We are praying that the new treatment plan goes well. Take care and keep in touch!

trisa said...

I haven't checked on you for a bit. I am glad you were able to sell your house and move. I hope the treatments go well for you and they are able to get this over too. We keep you in our prayers.

Rana said...

Good! That's so nice to get the garage all organized!