Monday, December 8, 2008

Latest Dates for my Cancer Treatment

So here it is, the middle of December and I am gearing up for Christmas and Radiation. I don't know which one I am least looking forward too. At least the Radiation treatment wont come with lots of boxes and wrapping paper that I have to find a place for right?

any way, so here is the deal. I am scheduled for a CT scan on the 19th of Dec. They want to do that to make sure that everything inside looks normal and ready for the mapping.

Then on Dec 23rd I will be going in for "mapping" which is where they will do an incision into my groin and into the Arterial artery and they will shoot die into my blood and watch it via live X-ray and see where it goes. if that goes well then they will proceed with the scheduled Radiation treatment on the right lobe of my Liver.

That will take place about two weeks after the mapping but the exact date will not be determined until I do the mapping. I will keep you all updated on when that will be.

As for Christmas, I am not really the type that gets excited for this holliday, (unlike my wife) and this year is no different. I cant believe that we are only a few weeks away. I think I am more excited for January 1st so I can get this year over with. It has not been the best of years and the only good thing that came of it was that our Daughter was married and is happy.

well, thanks for stopping by.


Rana said...

Man, oh Man, Merry Christmas to You! I am so glad you have Julie, and your kids and the rest of us to help you through this Evan.

Shauna said...

Good luck with everything. You'll all be in our thoughts and prayers.

Sandie said...

Hang in there! Your fighting spirit will get you through all this...and hey, get with the fun of the season, its not about presents...So, with that enjoy!!!

Thanks for always being so forthcoming on your blog, and allowing those of us, who need MORE courage to gain it through watching your family.

Happy Holidays!!

Jules said...

It was great to see your family at Garrett's Eagle Court of Honor. I hope all goes well with your treatments. It is so interesting how different each cancer is treated. I pray that your body reacts well to the radiation and that it does its job. Merry Christmas!