Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heart Surgery

Well it is done and Evan is doing great!! We arrived at the hosipital at 10:00am and they took him away for his surgery at 11:45. I stayed at the hospital and waited for him, I didn't have to wait for very long because they rolled him back to his room for recovery around 1:00. He was pretty sleepy but as soon as he was awake enough he was asking for a Rumbi's rice bowl. So off I went to go get him a chicken rice bowl and when I got back, Evan asked me if I was even there when he was brought back. And he said he was awake. LOL!!! After recovery they moved him to his room for the night. His room window overlooks Costco (his favorite place to go every Saturday) so he should feel right at home.

Dr. Sorensen said that Evan's heart looks great and that everything went very smoothly. He will stay at the hospital tonight and in the morning he will have another EKG to make sure everything is still where its supposed to be. After the EKG he will get to go home around 9:00.

Right now he is up walking around the room as the nurse monitors him to make sure he doesn't feel light headed and he is doing his little dance. It is great to see that he has not let this get him down. He has no restriction except that he can't do any bench presses, play football or do anything that would cause him to take a hit to his chest. I don't think we have to worry about Evan taking up any new sport activities. Teehehehe

Life is good!!


Kris said...

SO glad to hear things went well! You guys were on my mind a lot yesterday! You've quite a week!

Congrats on all the positive news! You'll remain in our prayers.

Chris & Kristin

Jules said...

Things are definitely looking up! Glad things turned out well.

Rana said...

Your family is amazing! I Love You!