Monday, May 25, 2009

Cody's B-day

Cody turned 14 on March 5th but because it was a cold spring, he wasn't able to have the party he wanted at that time. He wanted to go to Boondocks so we had to wait for warmer weather, so a couple of weekends ago, he invited his cousins, Eric and Kody for a sleep over. They stayed up all night playing video games and had a blast.

The following morning it was difficult for them to get up but they were excited to go to the park and have a ton of fun!!

Then came cake decorating and eating time. Just as a side note... In the picture where they are getting ready to light the candles, there are the two boys, Cody and Kody. Kody is on the right and he is only a few months older than my Cody. Kody is 14 and at 6' 3", towers over their other cousin, Eric, who is 16.

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