Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fire Ride 2009

Yesterday Evan & I, along with some of our good friends went on the Fire Ride that consisted of approximately 250 motorcycles. We started out at the Bountiful Fire Station with a nutritious breakfast of donuts.

The noise of all of the bikes together, was incredible!!

We were escorted by a police bike as we left the Bountiful fire station and went to the airport. At the airport we watched as they lit the practice plane on fire and put it out.

Of course they couldn't resist spraying the bikers (fellow fire fighters). We had some very soggy bikers, but we were lucky and stayed clear of the water.

This is our group....

Julie, Evan, Guy, Angela, Dennis, Kim, Amy and.... hey what happen to Tyler???

We stopped for lunch at the Willard Bay area Fire Station.... yummm and boy did my butt need a rest.. OUCH!! :o) Those of you that have ridden on the back of a bike for an hour at a time will understand. Major TB!!!

Hi Angela and Guy!!!
Oh, so here's Tyler and Amy.... :o)
Dennis and Kim bought a new bike just for this ride. :o)
We had the time of our lifes!!!!! I can't wait to do it again next year!!

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