Friday, August 28, 2009

Camping with my sister

A couple of weeks ago, Cody and I went camping with my sister and her kids. Yes, it was just me and Cody, Evan drove the trailer up and dropped us off. Evan is so sweet to accommodate my need to go camping as often as possible. Evan rejoined us in the morning for breakfast and some fishing time with his son.

Cody discovered how much fun it was to go fishing and he spent every minute at the waters edge. He was so cute when it came to gutting his own fish because he wouldn't touch it so I had to get him some rubber gloves. He was very proud of his little fish and even prouder that his Aunt Neenie wanted to eat it for dinner.

Cody's cousin, Eric, also caught a couple of fish so my sister was well supplied for her dinner treat.

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