Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Round of Therespheres


the last doctor visit I had, he said that they decided that they wanted to treat the one tumor on my Liver that has grown a bit so this Friday I am heading in (very early) for the first half of the procedure. It is called the "mapping" it is where they will knock me out and put a camera inside my femoral artery and feed it up to my liver and look around for the Tumor and see where and how they can treat it.

Then the next step is to go back and have the treatment done soon after, maybe a week or so. The treatment is basically the same as the mapping except when they are in there, they will push the radiation beads into my liver and onto the Tumor.

The treatment is pretty much painless but it does mean that I cant lift anything for several days and it does make me a little weak for a day or two. Life should return to normal after that.
Wishing me luck....

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Kristin said...

Thinking of you always, Evan. Let us know how it goes!