Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doctor Visit today

Today I went in to get some fluids to help clean out my liver since it isn't doing it on it's own. They gave me 3 bags and I will have to go back Friday for 3 more bags. They ran my blood to see where my Bilirubin was at now and it has shot all the way up to 15. WAY TO HIGH.. remember it is supposed to be at 1.

The doctor has me trying everything they can think of to help my liver start working better but I don't know when it will start to work better on it's own.

anyway, I am at peace with what ever happens so not to worry. I will keep you posted as more news comes forward.



Shauna said...

You all are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

MaryH said...

My friend, lots of love to you and your family. You are an amazing person. We miss you at Rio Tinto. Hang in there.
Mary Hess

Jenny said...

Been thinking a lot about you guys! Love ya tons.

Laban said...

Evan, You are a amazing person, and your outlook on life inspires me to stop worrying about the little things in life. I am glad that i can call you my friend.