Friday, January 9, 2009

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I had a Blog Counter at the bottom of this page that shows how many times this Blog gets hit but for some reason it stopped working and I havent figured out why so I just deleted it. I dont think it really matters any way. I am sure that not that many people are really checking this Blog.

Today is Friday and just to update my Blog I will tell you what is going on.. We have noticed that our new house has a leak in the master shower that is dripping a little bit of water into the basement so we are going to tear into the tile and look and see if we can fix it easily. We might have to end up tearing out the whole base of the shower and putting a new pan and tile in and that might cost us a lot so we are hoping that is NOT the case.

JayDee called us this morning and told us that her Fridge died during the night and she now has a lot of warm food. She came over this morning and borrowed our coolers to put stuff in and see if she could save any of it before it all goes bad.

I also got a call last night from JayDee who found out that a good friend of mine had a heart attach and died on the 5th of Jan. so we will be attending his funeral tomorrow. I was sad to hear the news, but I guess when it is your time to go, the good Lord just takes you. We are all going to miss him. He was such a good guy.

I guess that is all the bad news I can share with you today. Remember, I dont like the bad news. I want a world of good news so let me think of what good news I can tell you.

The price of gas went up about 20c over the past week which isn't good news but hey, it is down like $2.80 over the past year so we are now paying about $1.40 per gallon. Now that is good news.

You can also check out and it will show you the cheapest places to gas up any where in the country. You just have to put in your city.

I guess other than that, the best news for now is that it is Friday afternoon and I am heading home for the weekend and that is really good news. It is always nice to have a couple of days off to replenish the body and spirit. I hope all of you have a great weekend and keep in mind,

"I may be lost, but I am making Great time !!

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Rana said...

What are you talking about! I check your blog, so that's the equivelant to about 1.8 Billion people, right?! I Love to hear your updates, Thanks So Much! Good News?... humm... I have all my kids around me, I Love my Husband, and he loves me, and in this world, I think that's the BEST NEWS Ever!