Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Name

As you all know, our Daughter was married in the summer of 2008 and we are just now getting around to adding our great son in law to the group of fighters. Matt, sorry for the delay.

Now we are going to be known as the Five Fighting Hearts but will still keep the same web address on Blogger so we don't have to change it. it would be too hard to deal with.

any way, now we are the Five Fighting Hearts.


JayDee said...

Thanks Dad! I love you!

Susan Sanders said...

Hey Evan & Julie,

I had fun hanging out with you guys last night at Shane's house. It was fun getting to know you better. You will have to visit my blog so we can keep up with you guys! Our blog is and our password is dabel8191 so you can log on. I don't know an email address for you guys so you will have to let me know what it is. I hope you feel better Evan and good luck with the Radiation treatments! Your one tough guy! Hope to see you guys soon!


Susan (Coleen's Daughter)