Monday, November 16, 2009

What A Day !!

Today was my Therasphere treatment which started arriving at the hospital at 6:30am for my appointment. After all the paper work and checking in and getting to my room they finally had me ready to go down to the Angio room and so I went. Wheeled down in my bed IV hooked up and all.
After getting down there, they let me sit and wait for a few minutes and then came and told me that my Radiation treatment was missing and they didn't know where it was, so back to my room I went. Sitting there waiting, my doctor came in after a while and was telling me how they couldn't find the stuff and in came the staff saying that they had it now and back down I went.

The treatment went fine and then they took me back to my room for recovery and I sat and talked with my wife and ate my lunch. It wasn't long before I was feeling ill and ended up vomiting my lunch. The nurse finally came in and gave me some prescriptions and discharged me and away we went. AT 3:00pm This was all for a procedure that lasts about 45 minutes. What a long day.

I am now home and very tired. But back to work I go. Tomorrow I am expected back.
So now we just wait a few weeks and then I get to go have my CT scan to see if any of the radiation is doing any good.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family picture! I'm glad that treatment is over for you. Get some rest and don't overdo it. You have an amazing attitude that shines through your writing. I love you soooo much. Have a wonderful day!

Coleen said...

How are you feeling the day after? Man, I still can't believe you're going through all of this. I love the new picture, but Evan, this stuff is taking a toll on your hair color! (You're still handsome, however!)