Sunday, February 14, 2010


This past Friday, my son in law Matt arranged for me to go meet BYU Basketball coach Dave Rose. Coach Rose has Carcinoid Cancer like myself but his surgery was a year later than mine. He is one of the very few out there that know exactly what I am going through because having Carcinoid Cancer is so different than any other cancer.

We were told that he would be able to spend 15 minutes with us but had a very busy schedule. We got there a few minutes early and after a few minutes he came out of his office and greeted us and took us back to his office. We sat and talked for 15 minutes which quickly turned into 30 minutes and then his secretary knocked on the door and reminded him that his coaching staff was waiting for him to go over the game plan for their upcoming game. He nodded his head and closed the door and waved her off and continued talking with us. our 15 minutes turned into 45 minutes as we talked about both of our situations and the way life changes. I wont go into details about the conversation out of respect for Coach Rose, but we really connected and it was a time that I will cherish and never forget.

At the end, we took pictures and he presented me with a BYU shirt, poster of the Basketball team (signed by the team) and then he handed me a BYU basketball also signed by the team. That ball is incredible and will stay with me for the rest of my life. (years....)

Thanks to my son in law for setting this meeting up, and a special thanks goes to Coach Rose for turning 15 minutes into a great meeting and connection that I will cherish. He is truly a great man.


Tami Boehmer said...

That is such a coincidence. Mike, Chrissy and I were just talking this morning about when Mike got cross-country skis for her when he was in Salt Lake. He had trouble getting them on the plane and the Brigham Young basketball team was behind him and helped him.

Congrats! That is so wonderful you were able to connect! God definitely brings people together for a reason.

Matt said...

happy to do it! it was an amazing experience for me too just sitting in the room with you guys!

Michael said...

Hi Evan, Hope you are doing well. I have linked your blog to ours as the common thread of my wife having Carcinoid Cancer. Wonder if you would do the same. Stay well. I liked your post about the Coach at BYU.