Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CT Scan Today

The past few days I have been having some pain in my "gut" area on the right side that has been unbearable and I finally broke down and called my oncologist and told him, he said I needed to go in for a Chest X-Ray and a CT scan.

I did that today and then a few hours later he called me back to give me the news.


He said that my scan and X-Ray look great and that my tumors are smaller than before which is great. He then explained that the pain I have been feeling is from my Liver repairing itself from the treatments that have been done on it. The Liver itself doesn't have nerve endings, but the membrane that surrounds it does and that it being stretched as it repairs itself. As it stretches, it is causing the pain. Not unusual and nothing to worry about. The Dr. is giving me some pain killers to take while this happens but once it stops, it will be good to go. The really good news is that everything still looks clean. I couldn't have asked for better news. It looks like 3 more months of free time before the next CT scheduled appt. Life is Great. !! And I am blessed.


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Kris said...

That's GREAT news, Evan! Yeah!

Tami Boehmer said...

That is great news Evan!!! So you are cancer-free at this point?

Tami Boehmer said...

Sorry Evan, I read your blog more closely and duh! Still that's great your tumors are shrinking! Yay!

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