Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mercy River Event

A few posts ago, I mentioned a singing group called Mercy River and how much I love their music. Well, I was thrilled when I asked if they would come sing for an event that I was planning and they accepted.

We put together a special night and invited about 50 couples that we are close to and almost all of them came. It was a great event and we had desserts enough to feed an army that we had put out for everyone.

Mercy River sang several of their songs and filled us with their wonderful spirit and great love for the Savior.

After it was over, we visited with many of the guests and they all seemed to really enjoy it so I was happy about that.

This picture that I have included with this post is Julie and I with Mercy River.

Thanks Mercy River for spending this evening enriching our lives. You can find their website at

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