Monday, January 4, 2010

Our First Broken Bone

Who would have thought that Cody would have been the first to break something. Of course he is a boy but the most I ever thought he would do would be to strain his video playing thumbs. JayDee was always our more adventurous child and I thought she would be the one to get stitches or wear a pink cast. She played just as hard as the little boys in our neighborhood, in fact, she had more male friends than she had female friends. The kids always just considered her one of the boys until she was in Jr High and then they became little lap puppies begging for her attention. Of course that's another story....

Anyway... Cody has a scout camp coming up this month and they are going to go snowboarding. Cody and his dad went out last month and found the perfect snowboard and goggles for the occasion. Friday I took him out to get him his snowboarding boots, he couldn't wait to get on a hill. Cody has never been on a snowboard before and so he wanted to give it some practice runs before the big scout adventure. Saturday morning came and he and his friend decided that it was the perfect day to try out the new snowboard. Do I really need to say more????

Cody went down the hill in our old neighborhood with two successful rides but on the third time down he fell. All I can say is that it's a good thing his dad stayed there to watch his boy because once Cody was down he didn't get up. After a short visit to the Insta-care, it was determined that Cody broke his left wrist with a compression fracture.

I must admit, I am a horrible mother. Here we are at the doctors, Cody is laying on the examination table with an ice pack on his wrist and the nurse is being so gentle and attentive to my injured son when the doctor comes in with the news that it is broken. Being the loving, caring mother that I am, I bust up laughing. See.... I'm a horrible mother!! I hurt for my son and I feel so bad that he got hurt but for some reason it still makes me laugh. I'm sure that if it had been a serious break I would have felt horrible for him but it wasn't bad enough for even a cast. He will have to wear a brace on his arm all day, every day for the next 4 weeks but he will be just fine.

Needless to say, Cody will not get to go with the boys on their scout snowboarding trip.


Anonymous said...

Poor Cody. Now he can commensurate with Malek. He broke his arm/wrist elbow 3 times! I have gone my whole life without any broken bones, but alas, I finally broke my toe when my boss's laptop fell on it last year. I'm sorry you don't get to go on your snowboarding trip, Cody. On the bright side, at least you got to try out the snowboard! Get well soon. Love, Aunt Mel

Kris said...

Never a dull moment for you guys, huh?!

Glad it wasn't serious and I'm glad to see that things appear quiet for you all right now. Here's to a peaceful 2010!

Always in my thoughts,

JayDee said...

No worries Mom, I laughed too!

Rana said...

Can we invite ourselves to go camping some time, I feel so bad that we haven't continued on with that wonderful Hinckly camp site, do you think we'd want to try something again?

Matt said...

it is funny! it will be interesting to see how cody pulls through this and still finds a way to play as many video games as ever, even through his injuries. He will have to step up and play through the pain.