Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dedicated to My Wife.

This is a song that I dedicate to you dear. I love you.


I Love you dear,



Anonymous said...

Evan I would have to say you have a pretty special wife too!!! I am just hearing about your news. You are in Scott and my prayers and we love you!! Hang in there and please dont hesitate to call us if you need anything.

Alison Cogswell said...

Sorry I am just learning this blog thing.. Love Al and Scott Cogs

Julie said...

I love you too!! You bless my life so much and I am so lucky to have you for my sweetheart. You are my Hero!! Thank you for the song. I thought that I had heard all of John Denver's songs but I haven't heard this one and I will hold this one in my heart always.

Heather Shepherd said...

You can't go wrong with John! I've meant to tell you how impressed I am by Cody. He is such a friendly, kind boy! (I know the post was for your wife, but he's the one I have been in contact with most). Ya done good!