Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr. Visit

Today we went to see the doctor because of the concern over Evan’s incision. The doctor decided to open up a section of the incision and when he did, he found a large blood clot that needed to be removed. I guess that once you open up the incision it can’t be closed back up because you are pretty much guaranteed an infection so the doctor packed it up with gauze and covered it up. He now has the first opening that is 1 inch wide, 1 ½ inches long and 1 inch deep and this new opening that is about 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. We also will have to give him a new medicine to stop the drainage and this should help him heal a little faster. This new medicine is given three times a day by syringe. This has set us back a bit and will require a lot more care on my part. We also found out that Evan will be on the TPN for another 2 -3 weeks which means he will still not be able to eat or drink anything for that long. Physically, Evan still tires out easily but every day he is getting stronger.


SharingMyHeart said...

Hi my baby Bro! I loved the thumbs up pic of you in your bed! I haven't called or stopped by because I don't want you to get too overwhelmed, but know that my thoughts & prayers are with you all the way! Give me a buzz when you're up to a visit...'n maybe some Rummy??? I LOVE YOU to PIECES! Keep smilin'! Love, Deb

Melody said...

Hi, Evan. I love your blog. It really helps to see how you are progressing each day. I am thinking about you all the time and the people at my work ask about you every day. They all know how much I love you. I hope you can get those open wounds healed up quickly. I continue to pray for you. Julie, I know you are trained to do what you do, but if you need a reprieve, I would be happy to take a Saturday or Sunday and you can teach me what needs to be done. I'm sure I can do it. You probably need a break by now. Call me at home or at work, ok? Love you, Evan. Keep on fighting! Love, Mel

heidivee said...

Julie, did I ever tell you about my sister and her surgery? She went thru the same type of surgery, not for cancer but other problems. Her entire incision was left open to heal. It took a while, but is healed and she is back to normal. Well, a new normal, anyway. I think about you guys all the time. Kudos to you for being such a great "Unregisterd" nurse to your hubby. Hang in there, Evan. You are in our prayers.