Friday, July 25, 2008

It only gets better

Everyday is better than the last. HE’S BACK!!! Today Evan was laughing and joking with everyone, he even challenged the nurses to a race down the hall. Of course they graciously declined because Evan could beat them. (not really) His walks tire him out but after a little cat nap, he is ready to laugh and play some more. My only concern is his incision; at the top, the skin has begun to die and has turned gray and mushy. This has left a hole about the size of a quarter and about an inch deep. It was only about the size of a dime yesterday but it is started moving down the incision. The doc has put a stop to it we hope but he is not going to be able to stitch it back together so it will just have to close on it’s own. He is also concerned that there is fluid trapped beneath the surface of the incision and is considering opening it back up to release it. This really is fairly minor and shouldn’t set his recovery back, it has just made it more interesting. Dr. Ott comes in and checks on him twice a day and seems pleased with Evan’s progress.

Saturday, I get to play with Cody. It has been hard to pawn him out to others and not get to see him very often so I am making tomorrow his day. We are going to go to Lagoon!! Cody has stayed with Julie and Travis Naisbitt (our friends and neighbors) for the first two nights and now he is with my sister, LaWaine. I have spent every day and every night at the hospital and the only time I am home is to take a quick shower and then back I go again. Evan has become to depend on me always being there and is feeling a little abandoned but he knows how important it is that I spend some time with our son. I have left him in the hands of his wonderful brothers and sisters, who are so sweet to take time out of their schedules to be with him. Evan is getting better at getting up and down and can do it without help now so there really isn’t a need for someone to be with him 24/7 anymore but for my own peace of mind, it is nice to know someone is close by. Saturday night I will be back up at the hospital ready to make the couch my bed again because it is too hard to be without him and it gives us both peace of mind.

Thank you again for all your love and support, we are truly humbled by your generosity and love.
Evan & Julie

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MCK said...

We are so glad to hear that Evan is feeling more himself and that things are going good. We love you guys and continue to have you in our hearts and prayers! Much Love!!