Thursday, July 24, 2008

Singing and Dancing

First of all, Evan wants me to convey his gratitude and his love to all of you. I have been reading all of the wonderful messages to Evan that you all have posted. I also add my thanks for your words of encouragement, love and support. We have also, enjoyed the many visits we have received.

Today was a great day for Evan :o) When he woke up this morning he was ready to go for a walk. When he stood up and was waiting for us to gather all of his IV tubes and such, he did a little dance for us because he was feeling so good. Then when the nurse asked him where he wanted to walk to….(the most he has walked was about 10 yrds) his response was “I’m walking to Costco”. He took a lap around the whole 10th floor and he has taken 3 more laps since. He even sang a little song for the nurses on his walk. It is nice to see his personality coming back. He has been awake all day today with only a couple of cat naps earlier in the day. The doctor came in again to check Evan’s incision and found that his skin has blistered and has caused some concern in regards to infection but nothing to worry too much about tonight.

I need to clarify some information on the type of cancer Evan has. Neuroendocrine Cancer is still in the Carsinoid cancer family and is a slow growing cancer. There are three levels of Neuroedocrine cancer and Evan has the lowest level. Really, the news we received was not as bad as I originally thought. After doing some research and thinking through what I had been told, I realized that perhaps this is a blessing. When we were told that it was Carsinoid cancer, we were told that chemo wouldn’t work on it. When the surgery was over, the doctor said that the tumors in the liver were too many to count. My theory is that if it was Carsinoid then all we could do would be to sit back and watch the tumors grow and not do a thing about them, but with this other low level cancer, we now have the option to battle the tumors with chemo. We have the option to fight now where we didn’t have any options before.

Thanks again for all you do for our family

Evan & Julie


Shauna said...

Thanks for updating. It's great to hear that Evan is feeling a little better. And I think you are right in your approach to his cancer treatment. It's always better to feel like you have options to fight the cancer than no plan of attack than to wait and see. I'm glad that things are going well and that his cancer is a low level. We are praying for your family.

Deana Webb said...

Evan and family,

Evan you probably remember me as the girl at work with the candy. You and your family are in my prayers, after reading the post from the 23rd, it is good to hear that it is a low level cancer. Evan please get better and come back to work I have candy waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Evan and Family! Gosh, when I got in and pulled up the blog I couldn't have been happier for you that your up and around! This has been truly amazing news and it's also great to hear that you have options! We continue to keep you in our prayer's and smile! Kevin and Angie Lucus

Coleen said...

How come You're so confident, and I'm a nervous wreck? I appreciate your updates and we're still praying for you. We send all our love, Coleen

Anonymous said...

You are a great example of faith to us all.We love you. Marty and Stacey