Sunday, July 6, 2008

For those unfamiliar with Carcinoid Cancer as I was, the Zebra is the symbol that is used because it is very good at blending in and hiding. It can appear to look like something else.

Breast Cancer has the pink ribbon and Carcinoid Cancer has the Zebra. Now that I have been diagnosed I am clinging to everything that I can that gives me hope and my hope is that the Zebra that was inside me was found before it had a chance to look like something else.



Melody said...

Evan, I love your blog. You are smart to set this up. I am sorry you had such a downer day on the 3rd. That is the day I moved. Why don't you and Julie come by and see the house? I hope you are having a better day today. By the way, I love Zebras. Zebras tell it like it is. Black or white. They don't lie. So, I think you are going to get through this just fine and you will be able to help so many others who are experiencing the same thing. I love you lots, bro. Keep on being positive! Love, Mel

Anonymous said...

Hey Evan! Long time in the good 'ol Delta Days. Julie told me what was going on and all I can say is this. It'll be a nice and smooth surgery and you'll be recovered in no time at all. That I truly have no doubt about! Angie and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and positive thinking is key so keep it up! ( you know, you could drag out the recovery time and milk it a bit....Julie did mention something about breakfast in bed every morning ) Ya gotta get up and around to get fishing for the fall run!
All our best...Kevin and Angie Lucus

Jules said...

Evan & Julie
We want you to know you've been in our prayers as soon as you told us the possibility that the tumors were cancerous. We pray that your surgery will go smooth and that your body will be strong. We pray for your surgeon to be on his/her "a game". We are happy to keep Cody during your surgery and for a few days following to help ease that concern. We know a positive attitude is key to recovery and wellness, we pray you stay positive.
We wish you the best!
Travis and Julie Naisbitt

Evan said...

Thank you all so much for your support. I know I would feel so alone without you guys.