Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally Back Home

Yes, today is Sunday but I got back home on Friday. I am starting to feel like I have turned the corner. I am feeling like the worst is behind me at this point.

I cant explain how grateful I am for my wife to keep all of you updated as I have not been able to do so for a while now. It feels good to be back where I can update you.

I am still on the TPN which is feeding me via an IV. that is all I get but it is working out okay right now. I don't think it will be long before I can start drinking liquids and eating Jello and starting back to some clear foods. I cant wait. it has been three weeks and that is a long time to go without anything yummy.

Well, I will update you more as time goes by but for now know that I appreciate all of your support and prayers. I have been truly blessed to not have any pain. I know it is the prayers that have been answered and I can tell you that it has been a blessing that I couldn't live without.




Thaddeus said...

Dear Evan,

We are so glad that you are home again. We know that this has been a very trying time. We trust that this time you won't be sneaking back over to the hospital.

Please keep getting better and better! Know that our prayers continue with you.

Thaddeus and Martha

Rana said...

Hey! Thanks for the quick link to your site, what a GREAT idea! Hallelujah! You are home! Home Sweet Home, are there any words that can be more comforting than that!? We are looking forward to your continued progress, and we're with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad you are back home. When can I come over and poke you with a needle?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on the mend. Put on a little Def Leppard to pump you up during recovery. Get the body rocking to the beat, the blood flowing, the mind focused and you'll be well enough to head to one of their concerts in no time!

Hang tough, my friend!

Marion Donnelly
Kennecott Utah Copper

Rana said...

So... How are you doing today?