Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wait Continues

Well, I am feeling great other than I am waiting for the Doc to give me permission to start eating again. It is driving me crazy not being able to eat. In fact, the past several nights I have had dreams that I am eating and it is so good. Last night was a dream that I was at the White House and I had 7 hamburgers with Bill and Hillary Clinton for some reason. They were real good Burgers but I knew I was going to pay for eating that much. Good thing that I woke up and it was all a dream. But it hasnt made it any easier to not eat. I had tried some Chicken Broth but the Doc says that it will be better if I wait so I guess I cant even do that.

They are waiting for my drainage to slow down a bit more and then I will be free to eat. It is amazing how much you crave what you cant have.

Other than that, I feel fine, I am in NO pain and havent had any since two days after the surgery. I credit that to an answer to my prayers. I was really worried about pain and didnt want to worry about getting addicted to pain killers. That just hasnt been the case. No Pain is a Good Thing.

I will keep you updated as time goes buy but for now it is just a sit and wait day by day kind of thing.



Terri said...

Hey, Cousin Evan! Got your link from Uncle Ralph so I can keep up with everything. We're thinking about you and you're in our prayers. And possibly this isn't the most opportune time to describe the best ribs I've ever had and where to get them, but it would give you more to dream about! :o)

Hang in there!

Terri (Boweter) Burton

Rana said...

What an amazing blessing to have no pain, for both you and every one else.
Hearing about your dreams makes me laugh, that's gotta be tough not to sink your teeth into some beef. I bet when you finally do get to eat it'll never have tasted so good before! Kinda like the bread on fast Sunday :0)
We continue to pray for you and yours!

Shauna said...

We're praying for real food on your menu soon. (Not that we don't love coming over and feeding you lunch through a tube every day) :) Take it easy and know that we are thinking of you.

Shauna said...

Julie, thanks for your comment on our blog about Spencer's scans. We are thrilled that everything looked good, even though our trip wasn't great. But, spending time taking care of Evan certainly doesn't add anything bad to our day. We are so happy to get to come visit and check on him and help out in anyway we can. It's a bright spot in our day. Take care.