Monday, August 4, 2008

Here we go again

Well that was fun, NOT!! It looks like Evan will stay in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday. The CT scan showed that there was an area near the pancreas that was inflamed and the doctor wasn't sure if that was the reason for the high fever or if there was an infection in the PIC line. Either way, they have to treat it the same way with antibiotics. They removed the PIC line and so now Evan will be without any nutrients for the next two days until they can put in another PIC line. He still can't eat anything so the only thing he will get is IV fluids. It wasn't until nearly 2:00am before they had us set up in a room, we were both so exhausted. The Doctor said that this time when we go home, Evan will be doing much better than the first time. He will feel like a new man by Wednesday or Thursday. I think we just got released before Evan's body was ready the first time. We are feeling a little discouraged with this set back and Evan hates having to be back in that miserable bed again but I feel relieved that the pressure is off of me for a little while. I will continue to be with Evan while he is in the hospital so I will not return back to work until next week. Cody is back over to my sister's house so I know he is in good hands while we are gone. Thanks Heather for your sweet offer to help us with Cody. I also wanted to thank those that fasted on our behalf yesterday. I don't know what we would do without all of the love and support that we have received, we truly have been blessed.

Love Evan & Julie


Shauna said...

Oh, I'm sorry you are back in the hospital, but I'm glad that things will be taken care of and hopefully Evan will be feeling better soon. I'll just wait until next week to brush up on my PUN skills. :) Hope both of you can get some rest. You are in our prayers.

Terri @ Kennecott said...

Evan if you really wanted to wear those open back hospital gowns at home, I'm sure your wife would have let you ... no need to get all worked up so they put in back in the hospital!

We miss you at work! Sorry to hear about this set back but, hopefully you will feel much better once you are back home (get your wife to stick a gown or two in the suitcase ... shhh we won't tell!)

Hope to get up and see you both at the hospital before you go home.

Hmmm, I wonder if we can get Brad to have our team meeting at the hospital? Ok, Ok I won't ask!

Take care ... Terri

Anonymous said...

Hey Evan,
I hope your feeling better soon,
sorry to hear your step back, but I'm sure you will have many leaps ahead! I Love YOU SO MUCH!!
My prayers are always with you,
your lil sis,
(I said little, not older...he, he, he)

Tiffany said...

So sorry you're back in the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Rana said...

You'll be back home before ya know it. Keep your chin up, and I'm glad they'll get this infection gone, so you can feel well again.

WJ Chic McGowan said...

Evan I'm sorry to see you going through such challenges. Your Blog name "Four Fighting Hearts" is certainly appropriate Alice and I would like to add ours and from looking at the responces to your blog others are adding theirs. Please know our "Hearts" and prayers are with you and Julie and the rest of your family You need to get better so we can have another BBQ at our house. Chic & Alice