Saturday, August 2, 2008

Difficult Night

The last couple of nights were difficult for Evan. Yesterday we found out that one of the meds that Evan was on was lowering his blood pressure too much and it was making him dizzy when he stood up so it made him sick to his stomach for the majority of the day. After talking with the doctor, we didn’t give it to him last night but still he had a difficult night. He was up throwing up throughout the night and he started into a fever. We have been able to control the fever so far today but as a result of the night, he is having pain when he breathes. He feels that if he lies down he can’t take in enough air, and when he does, it causes him some pain. I think that it is just because of his muscles being used to throw up so much. My neighbor came over and checked his blood pressure this morning and said that he was okay there but that his heart rate was up just a little. Evan was a good sport today and went with me to do some running around even though he really didn’t feel well enough to travel. It took a lot out of him to do this but I still don’t feel comfortable in leaving him alone and I really needed to get some things done. I worry about having to leave him on Monday when I go back to work. I have a very sweet neighbor that is a nurse and she is going to come in and give him his shot and get him hooked up to his TPN on the days that she doesn’t have to work. On the days that she can’t do it, I will have to take some time away from work to come home and take care of him.


Shauna said...

It just so happens, that I've also been a PUN (not an RN) in my lifetime, and I did shots and TPN for Spencer at home. If you need help, I'd be willing to help, too. I could come over and you could show me what needs to be done, and then if you can't get away from work, or you find yourself in a bind, I could go help. Let me know. Hope the nights get easier for both of you.

Kori said...

Hi Evan (and Julie)
I was so saddened to hear about the cancer and your surgery but have been so relieved to know that you're in such good hands (thanks Julie).
DeeAnn and Pat say hi and we all hope that you'll be feeling better real soon because this is no way to spend a summer.
I saw that your daughter got married. She looked beautiful and you look like a very proud father.
I'd love to hear the story behind the house. You gave just enough tidbits to lure me in.
Send me an email when you're feeling up to it, Id love to hear from you.
We've all missed you.
Take care, Kori

K P said...

We are fasting for you both today. You are in our prayers. Hope today is a better day!

Coleen said...

I feel terrible that I live so far away. In the past, I have gone for a week at a time to stay with daughters, and daughters-in-law, when they needed my help, but now I'm working, have a wedding this week, and can't get any more time off. I hope things go well for you both. This has got to be overwhelming. We're still praying for you daily. That's about all the help I am. Sorry:( Love you lots! Coleen