Monday, October 5, 2009

Doctors Orders (not sugar coated)

Today I had my visit with my Doctor to find out what was going to be the best treatment for the new Cancer that has manifested itself in my Lymph Nodes.
As many of you know, doctors are taught not to sugar coat any thing so they tell it as it is and I guess I was just not quite prepared for that today.

So what did he say, well he said that I have some Lymph Nodes that are about 2 inches in diameter and they are normally about ½ inch so they are getting bigger. He was hoping that they would not grow and that my Cancer would just not be an issue. Unfortunately that is not the case and I will need to start treatments to slow the progress.

The doctor then said that this “is not curable” but that he can slow it down and try to give me some good years. I don’t know how many that is and he didn’t know either but he said he was hoping to work with a 20 year plan and now he is looking at a 10 year plan for treatment.

Basically that means starting with some radiation (Monday through Friday for 3 weeks) and then after that treatment stops being affective then they will start Chemo and do that to slow the progress as well. He did mention that there are some new drugs that are coming on the market that might be able to help in my Cancer but that they are not available yet. Maybe in a year or so.
The key is that as long as they can slow the cancer the better chance they will have at finding better treatments.

Yes, this was a shock to Julie and I and we are not going to just lay down and die. We are going to fight the battle and win. If I have 10 years to live, well then I am going to live those years the best I can. If I live longer, then I didn’t waste the first 10 years.

You don’t always get a chance to know your own mortality but when you are told that it looks like it is going to be cut short, then it does change your outlook on life. The good news is that I am going to live like I am dieing. (like the song). That way, I can make the best of every day and not sweat the small stuff.

I hope you all know that I am really okay with what ever happens, I don’t want to spend time worried about what might happen but rather on what I can do to make life the best.

I am sorry this Post was as long as it was but I had a lot to cover and will keep you posted on what the schedule is for treatments when I start them. I know that my first step is to have a Octrioscan on Oct. 13th and 14th and then the 15th I am supposed to go in for my first visit for the Radiation so I don’t know if I will get a treatment that day or just a visit for the setup of the treatments.

Remember, God is looking over each of us and I know without doubt that he has been watching over me. I have been blessed beyond what I deserve and if he see’s fit, I will be around for a while. If he wants me back, I will go when he wants me.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I couln't respond immediately, because I've been too choked up. Today would be John & I's 25th anniversary. He died 5 yrs ago tomorrow. I can't bear the thought of losing you, too. Evan, we all love you SO much. It should be me...I'm the oldest. Hang in there with that positive attitude, tho & YES, enjoy all your days...make them all count. I feel like I waste so many of mine. Please know that I am here for you & Julie anytime, anyplace - just say the word. Let's do something fun together, ok? All my love - Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother,
I sure admire your strength...but know you have me and so many others to lean on at any given notice! You are an amazing kind of person, and know that my prayers are with you and your sweet family every night! I had such a fun time at lunch on Saturday, you are truely one in a billion and everyone loves you soo much, especially me :)
Love your "lil" sis-Lori

Kris said...

Evan - No doubt you've got an amazing support system behind you. And a fantastic group of doctors to boot. None of us ever really knows what the future holds. I wouldn't put too much weight on any one thing the doctor's say. Just follow the treatment plan that's laid out and keep on doing your research for new treatments. New drugs are popping up all the time. Get in touch with a doctor from one of the cancer centers in the country. Check out the PRRT treatments being done in Germany. So many things exist. And you have the time to try them - that's the most important thing. We're all here for you if you need anything - just don't be afraid to ask. In my thoughts and prayers always. Lots of hugs from the east - Kristin

Melody said...

Evan and Julie, I haven't commented before now because I have not been able to write through the tears as I contemplate your plight. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers continually. Julie, I know this must be especially hard on you and I want you to know that we can cry together any time, day or night. Evan, you have to know that you are loved beyond belief by your family and we are rooting for you. We pray for your strength to endure this difficult road in much the same way as you have strengthened us in our lives. You are a beacon of hope for all of us. Love you so much, so very much. Your sis, Mel

Rana said...

Evan, we all Love you, and I'm sorry for the uncomfortable therapy's and radiations you and your family will experience. Thank you for your faith as it strengthens mine. Love, Rana

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan, my name is Susan and Chris O'Connor was my dearest friend. I saw your last comment on Kristen's blog asking what made Chris tic and I thought I would offer some info if u don't mind. Chris was so positive and easy-going. He took everything in life in stride and always lived life to the fullest. Even in the end he would always say "I'm alright". His friends and family were his life and his friends were his family. He is the kind of guy that would drive to your house and back 3 hrs away in one day to celebrate your childrens birthday. The kind of guy that would always have a laugh, a song, a smile, never a frown. He was also a figher. He could neve be summed up in any msg I could ever leave you, he was remarkable. I hope this helps, I hope your story gets to be one of survival. Keep fighting. Sincerely,

Coleen said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while. I was shocked to get the latest news. I don't even know where to begin. You and Julie were the first two to welcome me into the family, and I barely feel like I'm getting to know you. I can't tell you how impressed I have been with your attitude and the love you and Julie share. You're awesome! Keep up the fight and we'll keep up the prayers on your behalf. LOL, Coleen