Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scan again

So today was day two and scan two. They did the scan of my full body with the radioactive stuff in me which shows up on the scan. It was not painful but long and you have to lay there without moving for about an hour and then they did another scan that took another 30 minutes. It was driving me nuts to sit there perfectly still for so long. If you move, then they have to start that segment over so I didn't want to do that.

any way, I had the Lab tech take a picture of me in the scanner so you could see what it looks like. Now I just have to wait till tomorrow and talk to the Doctor about what he see's on the scan.

I did sneak into his office after the scan to ask him a question. I get asked all the time what stage of Cancer do I have. Well to be honest, I never knew, so I asked him. He simply looked at me and with a little hesitation said that I am at stage 4. I asked what stage is next and that is when he told me that there are not any further stages. Ouch !! Well, I guess I will wait till tomorrow and find out what he says and then post the results.

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Kris said...

Stay positive, Evan! Attitude is everything when you're dealing with this beast! Remember that typical carcinoid is slow growing. It doesn't necessarily follow the same "stage" pattern that other cancers follow. Be patient, listen to your doctors, do your research and you should have YEARS ahead of you still!! My thoughts are with you always!