Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Treatment Different News

So, welcome to the roller coaster of Cancer. Today I went in for my radiation treatment. I think it was my 6th and I talked to my oncologist while I was there and he said that in his opinion, he thinks that I should start the Sandastation shots as soon as I am done with my radiation. He says Sandastation is a great drug to stop the growth of the tumors that I have. It doesn't kill them or reverse any thing but kind of blocks them from growing.

I asked him what his opinion was on my outlook and he seemed to think 5 to 10 years was reasonable. So, even though one doctor said less, he thinks it will be more. Who knows what to think. I just know I want to be able to enjoy as many years as I have left.

So finally after so many visits to the doctor's office, I have a little bit of hope and good news that I might be around for a while.

Just keeping you all up to date and letting you know what a roller coaster Cancer is. The emotions run high one day and are subdued the next. It is a strange thing to deal with.


Jules said...

It truly seems unbelievable that your cancer has started to grow again so soon. I'm glad that your radiation treatments are going well. I personally thought they were more of a hassle than anything else. I don't know about the sandastation? Is that chemo? We continue to pray for the cancer to respond to your treatments and that you can go into remission again.

Debbie said...

Tell those crazy doctors you want to get off the roller coaster and buy a ticket for the Merry-Go-Round. It's boring, but at least you know what direction you're going! You know I'm riding with you all the way, though, right? Love you with all my heart, Bro. Keep the faith and enjoy every minute.

Kris said...

Evan - The sandostatin injections made such a difference for Chris in the beginning. The initial 2 weeks, where you need to have 3 injections a day was a bit of a pain, but after that, it's just once a month and it does help. So many NET patients swear by the drug!

Stay positive - attitude is everything!

In my thoughts always -

Tiffany said...

Evan and Julie,
You are in our prayers. Your great attitude is so inspiring. Thank you.
James and Tiffany Boase