Monday, October 19, 2009

Radiation Treatments

Well, I set up my Radiation treatments to start this Thursday and go every week day for 3 weeks. The first day they said I would be there for a few hours as they get everything set up and documented and what ever else they need to do, but then after that, it will be 15 minutes in and out.

I asked them about the side affects and the doctor said that I will likely feel tired, have a little nausea, and get a slight sunburn on my stomach. I told him that sounds just like a vacation to Mexico, so I think I will just wear my sunglasses and Ipod and spray some tanning lotion on me when I go in and it will be just as good as a vacation to Mexico without having to drink the water.


Kris said...

Your spirit is remarkable, Evan! I owe you an email and will get one out to you in the next day or two. Just know you and Julie are in my thoughts ALWAYS. A positive outcome can still be within your reach. Chris always said you just had to "keep on, keepin' on" - just believe.

Rana said...

Hahaha! I Love it Evan! You're too funny! That's a great thing as it makes life way more bearable!